23 July 2014

You could tell I was no debutante

So this was Friday, and it was wet and chilly and decidedly unpleasant!
What is a girl to do, but go opshopping?!

Frock-70's squaredance/dirndl-Etsy
Coat-from Terri (Rags Against the Machine), ages ago; I added the furry collar
Pussybow blouse-70's, opshopped years ago
Shoes-Trade Me
Handbag-70's tooled leather splendor, opshopped
Beret-from my sistercousinwifey, I think

Another two suitcases for the collection, a trio of coat hangers, a little toiletries bag, a little red scarf, and a sweet set of shot glasses were mine for the taking!

One of the glasses has a chip, but at $3 I wasn't going to leave them behind!

You ladies are bloody awesome; your admiration of my splendid coat and suggestions of better referrals to what I called a "sort of sedate beigey colour" are most appreciated!
Melanie and Curtise reckoned it was orange (I love beige because it tones so beautifully with orange and red!), Jazzy Jack , Shawna and Suzanne claimed it was gold (huzzah! So much more glam!), Beth Waltz liked "molten honey"(how very Nigella!)......so, I think I shall officially call it "golden molten honey"!
Makes me think of hokey pokey chocolate......which, when I'm in aggro mode pre menstrual, can be mighty appealing....


20 July 2014

Hot metal and methadrine, I hear empire down....

I fecking LOVE my "new" corduroy trenchcoat!!!!
It makes me feel quite the show pony, for some reason, despite the sort of sedate beigey tan colour!

I'm frightfully behind; these pix are from last weekend!!
Can't believe it's 2 weeks since we got home from holiday....we've been hunkered down due to the cold, but had to go out last night as we had a gig at the infamous Wunderbar in Lyttleton.
It was a fabularse night, and we rocked it!
Got home at 2am, which is positively outrageous for me!
I am such a Cinderella these days!
I'm having a mimosa right now to get over it.

Coat-70's, opshopped
Frock,70's, and vintage Oroton sunglasses-from my darling sistercousinwifey
Shoes-Yogayakarta, Indonesia
Handbag-60's vanity case, opshopped
Scarf in hair-opshopped
Earrings-Ubud, Bali
Necklace-Wasteland, San Francisco
Pendant-somewhere in between Ubud and Denpasar, Bali

Rings, left to right-Ubud, Kaikoura, Bangkok, San Cristobel de las Casa

G always says not to look down...

But I had to organise my coat!

I have been doing a little bit of tidying in my poor overloaded boudoir.
These cases get a few things off the floor and out of baskets, and G has had the brilliant idea of moving all my shoes into such cases, which would look so much nicer than the plastic crates they currently live in....(as well as being strewn about the floor).......I am obsessed with cases in all shapes and forms....but they're useful, so I think that it's a virtuous and worthy obsession!

So much crap, so little space!
How do you lovelies manage all your splendid crap?!


17 July 2014

And the sparkle in your eyes keeps me alive

This might be my "don't mess with me" look.
Or it might be my "I've got a carrot up my arse" look.
You decide!!!

Frock-60's, from a vintage shop in Portland, Oregon
Cardigan, barely seen-opshopped
Coat-70's, opshopped
Scarf-the only thing I've ever "knitted"
Shoes-a trendy little shop in Ubud, Bali
Sunglasses-70's, a vintage shop on the NSW coast
Handbag-60's vanity case, opshopped
Pendant-somewhere between Ubud and Denpasar, Bali

I am wearing the "new" dangerously pointy bra, but I think G squashed it into submission, as there doesn't seem to be anything dangerous actually going on.
Must try again. And try to keep G's paws off!!!

It wasn't only opshopping I was starved of whilst we were away.
Naturally I started stalking Trade Me again when we got home, and I lucked out with this divoon 60's case...

...with hairdryer intact inside!!!
I might even give the dryer a go sometime!
I'll certainly use the case as a handbag; it's just too gorgeous to languish as storage for the dryer!