30 November 2012

My breath melted my words into strange alphabets

Seeing double?!
Not yet?
Then you haven't had sufficient Friday cocktails!
Go on....pour yourself something extra tasty, even if it's breakfast!
It's most certainly gin o'clock somewhere in the world!

How the hell did it come to be the first of December tomorrow?!
(cue trebley voice: December will be magic again!)
It's fecking insane, I tell you.
My Mama always told me that life goes faster the older you get.
How damned unfair!
Just when you're getting a handle on things, finding confidence in your ageing skin, finally not giving a pink feck what anyone thinks of you...shazzam, slamdunkaroony, you're flying through the remainder of your life at such a fast pace that your drink spills!
So bugger it all, why shouldn't you break a few rules and prance around like a ninny.
I most certainly spent most of my week doing just that, and intend to continue.
And I'm likely to wear tights with open toe shoes or sandals over the weekend....
I'm just outrageous like that.
What rule are you sexacious beastesses going to break with me?!



Misfits Vintage said...

It's going to be stupid hot here so I suspect I shall be sticking my head under the tap every five minutes dancing like a maniac, a MANIAC, on the floor!

You look amazing, mi amor - velvet!! Love the red//pink/burgundy/gold combo and the divine patchwork bag. My gourd you get more gorgeous with every passing day.

Love you more than velvet,

Sarah xxx

MistressCatgirl said...

I started to notice time flew once I graduated high school. Now I'm 28 and feel like my life is just starting. I plan to enjoy it while I can. We're finally getting some rain soon so I'm hoping for a white Christmas.
Beautiful color combo. Love the golden heels and earrings.

Hannah said...

I need a cocktail or at least a cider right now! You are a visions of pink loveliness. Tomorrow I am going to break the rules by wearing a slinky black two piece even though its fricking freezing out, that's just stupid right?! Have a marvellous weekend my love xxx

Devil made in Heaven said...

I am going to have a big cocktail this evening. (didn't have breakfast yet....)!! And then I will be thinking of you.
I know time is flying... Talk about just a few weeks ago with my work-buddy. When I was in school summer was never ending, and now it is over with a blink of the eye. Don't know wich rules I am going to break. Still in my pyama. :D Maybe I will stay in it the rest of the day.
xxx have a wonderfull weekend!

Devil made in Heaven said...

p.s. Love your coat.

Carina Rosenholm said...

I broke a rule - but nothing to do with clothes... I bought my self a show jumper- to be - even though iam considered to be to old ! F*** age !

bonsaimum said...

I love your Friday outfit. Those shoes just make me want to skip down the street and that patchwork bag, is it (holds breath), velour???? It's gorgeous.

Vix said...

Bugger, I'm fancying a gin right now and it's barely 8.30am! Maybe that could count as today's rule breaking?
You look swoonsome in your velvet, petticoated, peep-toed splendour.
Have a fabulously divine weekend.
Love you!

Fiona said...

Had to google Kate Bush after your reference, she is maaaagnificent.
Love your velvet patchwork bag and your mum was right. Don't know about rule breaking but I did get my first ever false eyelashes applied this week and I'm 50. Oooh radical!

Kitty said...

Shopping in vintage swimwear for cocktails on a friday afternoon, does that count?? That's me done then!!
Looking more fabulous then ever my love, and I'm especially LOVING your hair down a bit!!!

Kylie said...

Almost vino clock here...

I admire your confidence and chutzpah Helga. I really do.

Stockings and sandals! Whatever next!

Have a lovely weekend x

Marla said...

Yes, I was just thinking about that recently. When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me not to wish for time to go by because when I get older it will go by so fast. She was so stinkin' right. I blink and another year has past. I love your jacket.

OP SHOP MAMA said...

My favourite post banter ever!

Love the sentiment.

And yes it does go fast now! But I see that for the kids time is really L.O.N.G.. Like a WHOLE year is like LIFETIME for that lot.

You look hot as hell as always. And you know it! x
Have a fab-o weekend! x

edie pop said...

A pink dress and gold shoes, that is fabulous!!On this gray day I'd love to break every rules and more than with my clothes I'd love to do it with words!I have the feeling that the people I usually meet can't understand me or don't share my interests, so I'd like to say them the truth and I want to break bad and annoying!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Love xxxxxx

Annie said...

I shall be wearing a moustache! You look a picture of loveliness! Have a fab weekend xx

thorne garnet said...

It's cocktail time somewhere! Too bad it's only 10:30am! You look a vision of awesome, love the purse, and shoes and jacket and etc......

joyatri said...

Amen, sister. I have no idea where the past 15 years went, it went by so fast my drink has practically vaporized.
You're killing me with these shoe pics. I want gold shoes with a ruff.
Have a wonderfully outrageous weekend.

Sissy said...

a shot of Southern Comfort in my morning tea - it's casual Friday, why the ferk not? Looking beautiful as usual Helga, thanks for the post!

pastcaring said...

Oh you naughty girl, I'm sending you to the Head's office right away for repeated infringements of The Rules! Yeah, right, like you give a flying fuck, hahaha!
And thank God, can't be doing with all that nonsense, just get dressed up and have a drinkie-poo and enjoy!
Might have a little beer or two tonight, and out with the gals tomorrow, so who knows what mayhem will ensue?
You are looking mighty fine in your red and pink and gold finery. Time may be flying (oh I SOOOO know what you mean) but you're looking divine enough to stop clocks, and traffic!
Have a fabularse weekend of naughtiness, my darling! xxxxx

Emalina said...

It's gin o clock here, and I'm about to pour myself a snifter! You go, Helga, break those rules, you look wonderful when you do.
The rule I'm going to break this weekend? Velvet leggings, which won't be covered by a tunic to conceal my bum as is the 'legging rule'...that velvet will be clinging to my tush, showing it off, loud and proud!

Renia said...

You look beautiful! I love your shoes! Kisses x x x x x

liz said...

"So bugger it all, why shouldn't you break a few rules and prance around like a ninny."--damn skippy! Tonight I'm donning a wig and some false eyelashes and a pound of glitter and going to a drag queen show! Di-vine!

Trees said...

I love open toe shoes with tights - its basically the best thing ever!

karensomethingorother said...

I love a red and pink combo. It's like some gorgeous valentine, even in near-December. You are so right about time flying now just when we finally figure out how to calm down and enjoy ourselves. Sigh.

Melanie said...

What gorgeous colours, so pretty!

tralala said...


I shall be breaking the cleavage or legs one ... EVERYTHING will be in the shop window, darling :)

Also, EYELINER on an over 50's woman - lawdy.

The Fashion Police will be falling over backwards all day on account of all the eye rolling .....

Vintage Coconut said...

Your patchwork bag is lovely and those shoes are just so sexy. Love the ruffle stuff!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm having a Saturday night sherry. ROCK N ROLL. I'm freaking out that it's December now too. You look stunning - when are our bazumbas going to take over the world? You're looking hot, love everything, the dress, the colours.... you;re queen of matching and clashing

menopauselsupermodel said...

aaaahhhh the goddess Kate Bush!!!
You look divine in your velvet, patchwork, petticoated glory!!!
Break all the flippin' rules!!!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Prancing around like a ninny is my favourite. :D Unfortunately, I know exactly what you mean about the acceleration of time - the whole past year I've felt like I'm on one of those old dangerous roundabout playground equipment thingies.

These colours are beautiful on you.

The Pugnacious Vegetarian said...

Although I can't take a photo of it (camera is still in the shop) I am wearing pigtails, something I have been told I am "too old" to wear. Pigtails for life!