Get yer rocks off, honey

The rather splendid Tamera sent me a divoon Frida necklace, made with her very own hands, and I knew I simply had to frock up around it today!

I am more than a little vexed to find that it wasn't sitting properly under the faux pearls like it was when I arranged it all this morning.

I received the most wonderful compliments whilst out doing groceries after work.
There's just something about bright colours that cheer and encourage people to tell me how fabularse I am!
What's a gal to do but smile modestly?!
I can't imagine why so many wear dull, drear colours?!
I suppose colour isn't everyone's bag, baby!
Maybe we all need to get out and do it in the road together in technicolour?!
Cures all ills, I believe.

It's a little cake!

Frock-vintage shop in Portland, Oregon
Whalenet tights-Trade Me, I think
Shoes- a school fair
Handbag-60's, vanity case, Trade Me
Cake-from a Japanese shop in Wellington, 'twas a keyring
Faux pearls-60's, opshopped

I have a rather busy weekend with our awesome friend Jo tonight in preparation for dinner at hers tomorrow night, followed by seeing Delaney Davidson at The Wunderbar, then band practice Sunday afternoon.

What the  "Mongolian Clusterfuck" am I going to be wearing?!


* No idea why this didn't go up yesterday, but here it is now!